Monday, 1 October 2012

It's been a long, long, long time.. really has.

No reason.  Just life going on and a dash of laziness I suppose.

I did get the Three Peaks walk done but not until September due to a weekend of almost biblical flooding in the East Lancs/West Yorkshire area.  Sadly didn't manage to complete all that quickly.  Took around 12 1/2 hours altogether.  Both little Sally dog and I hobbling the last 5 miles - in fact, Sally dog did not move for 24 hours after the walk - we thought we had broken her!  Super fit Nick says he want to go back and run it.... talk about making a girl feel inadequate! Mind you he is a MAMIL!
Dog and PadihamKnitter (in shadow) knackered at the top of Ingleborough.  Third and final peak both of us almost broken!
Spent a wonderful week in the Lakes in a gypsy caravan, childfree as they were sunning it in Majorca with the grandparents.
It was so lovely and cosy with a little wood burning stove.  Bit small so there was also a cool little yurt for cooking and dining.
We had the most fantastic weather.  Honestly!  In the wettest, gloomiest summer any of us can remember we had a week of sunshine and decent temperatures.  On one walk in Langdale it was so hot it almost felt like Death Valley!  We even had a few dips in Lake Windermere.  Lovely
Look! Fabulous weather in the Lake District! Really!
Again - astonishingly good weather in the Lake District on several consecutive days.  Unheard of!
We also did a bit of walking in the Yorkshire Dales with the girls which involved checking out caves, waterfalls and money trees.
Yorkshire Money Tree - you can't get a penny off it.  I know, I tried
Exploring Victoria Cave in Yorkshire
Enjoying a snack up on Attermire Scar near Settle, Yorkshire Dales
Thornton Force - very impressive - the water looks the colour tea or beer because of the peat 
There was also some treetop trekking
So there was rather a lot of outdoor activity in spite of some of the most wet and miserable weather I can remember in years!  There was also a great family get together when a cousin got married last month too.  Been a bit busy!

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