Sunday, 21 October 2012

Out and About

Despite all the doom and gloom and screaming headlines, there have been one or two glimpses of decent weather.  Sometimes you just have to choose to disbelieve the forecast and head out anyway.  Quite often this is a decent risk and the weather turns out to be ok, sometimes it doesn't but sometimes it is absolutely gorgeous.
Good weather - in Yorkshire - in 2012 - Honestly!
Makes you wonder why you bother looking at the forecasts at all really.
Swaledale Sheep in the Yorkshire Dales
Nipped over to the Yorkshire Dales a couple of weeks ago and it was simply glorious.  Beautiful blue skies and sunshine.  Absolutely lovely.  The only real downside is that the rain over the summer months has made the ground saturated and quite boggy underfoot at times.  Parked up at Austwick which is a beautiful and unspoiled Dales village and headed off, in the wrong direction.  After a bit of confusion and intense map reading we got our act together.

There are lots of horned sheep around which I think are Swaledale sheep.  They sort of look intently at you as you pass by and then suddenly give out a little shriek and run away.  It's really funny.  You don't expect sheep to do anything except make baa noises.

We headed out to look at the Norber Erratics.  These are boulders of rock that were moved by glaciers during the ice age and are a different kind of rock to the limestone that you usually see.  Geologically important and the best examples in the country I am told.  Also, great to clamber on!
Clambering on the erratics
Erratic bolder - conquered!

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