Monday, 1 October 2012

Like waiting for a bus

Typical, I don't post for months and then do two at the same time!

I have finished some things over the summer.

Firstly girl cardies.  Two of them in King Cole's Splash DK.  It's an acrylic but it was what they both wanted them doing in.  It wasn't too bad to work with really and the stripes came out ok as well.  Love self striping yarns!  Big girl only has one button but Little girl has 6 of them.  They came free with Mollie Makes magazine and are like little red roses.  Terribly girly but just what she likes!

Front View
Back View
On the whole, I am really pleased with how these cardies turned out.  I am not the world's best finisher and sewing has never been a strong point.  I have totally ruined garments with crappy sewing up in the past but thanks to the joys of youtube I have been able to watch and learn how to do it properly and the results speak for themselves.  Still don't like sewing up much though!

Oh and I finally managed to make a pair of socks from the toe up with a short row heel.  Yes, you heard me right A SHORT ROW HEEL.  I just could not get the hang of this at all and would end up with hole-ridden nightmare socks.  Again, did a bit of research, watched a few videos and bingo! It just sort of clicked and everything fell into place.  Just look at my lovely short row heel!

Look no holes!

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scarletti said...

Great to catch up with all your news! Amazing shots of the Lakes and love the girls' cardies. : )