Thursday, 1 November 2012

30 Days has November

I thought I would have a go at NaBloPoMo in November.  It's a daily writing challenge.  I thought it would be a fun challenge so here goes....

Favourite quotation

I think my favourite quotation probably depends on the mood I am in and the circumstances that are surrounding me.   I quite like to put quotations into cards and so it is a fine way to while away some time on the internet.  How much easier it is to find and browse for just the right sentiment now we have the internet.  Before that, I had to rely on my memory and a battered paperback book of quotes that had been given one Christmas.  I wonder what happened to that?

My children would probably quote me thusly;
On entering any shop - " don't touch anything", or, "you look with your eyes not your hands"

If pushed, I think I would say that my favourite quotation is, "life is not a dress rehearsal".  Not sure who said it (maybe I will go and while away more hours of my life researching it on the internet!) but I suppose it is really a another version of "carpe diem".   Of course, the moment I press the publish button all sorts of worthy and meaningful sentiments will immediately flood my brain making me feel really annoyed for not thinking of them at this very moment!  In fact, if I were a much more together and clever individual, I would have written this whole post in quotations.  Oh well...

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