Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cheery Bargains

Ooh don't you just love new stuff.  Especially bargainous new stuff.  Been indulging myself at Dunhelm Mill.

My biscuit barrel got broken so I needed a new one.  Couldn't find a decent one so settled on these cheery stacking cake tins.  Bright and breezy and unlikely to be broken by biscuit seeking missiles (aka girls!)
Jolly stacking cake tins - £4.99 for 3
That wasn't all. I got some new mugs as well.  I have long since given up even attempting to have matching stuff since something always gets broken. Plus there is absolutely no point having a complete set of stuff you are afraid to use in case you do break something.  I prefer a more ecletic and mismatched approach.  As long I like it, then it's fine! These mugs were fab for 99p each.

Cute flowery mugs

Pretty floral - bit Cath Kidston-ish I thought
And I saw these and just couldn't resist....
Ladybird scissors

You can never find any scissors in when you need them so here are some fabulous and funky new ones.  Three sizes so good for all occasions.

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