Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rambling about looking for Spring

Walking along the  River Calder 
Not the best weather this weekend.  A bit drizzly and gloomy today but we decided to go out for a walk around anyway.  We decided to follow the river footpath to Altham and then come back via Simonstone. Apart from a bit of mud it was rather nice.

Cable Bridge at the substation
There used to be a power station in Padiham which is long gone.  There is still a substation here and lots of pylons leading from it.  It was a bit drizzly today and you could hear the pylons buzzing as you passed them.  In fact, you could almost feel the electricity in the air.  It's an odd sensation.  They build housing estates around pylons. You couldn't pay me to live there.  The noise and the odd sensations would drive me nuts.

There's a lot of lovely open countryside around so it's strange when you get to the former power station site and suddenly see lots of electrical hardware and industrial looking stuff there.  A few minutes later and you are in the open fields again.
Muddy Lane
We tramped through a field full of very pregnant sheep.  They are all walking around in a decidedly wibbly-wobbly manner because they are so very fat at the moment. The lambs will be arriving any moment I think. Ahh... cute little lambs. Spring is definitely on the way. Along the lane we found some Hazel catkins. Another sign of spring.

 The Snowdrops have been fantastic this year and we found a late display of them looking gorgeous.
Late Snowdrops
We also saw some early daffodils.  Some sweet tiny ones in the park.
We just need a few more sunny days and warmer temperatures and we will most definitely be in the throes of Spring. Can't wait.

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