Sunday, 5 February 2012

Running with Deer

Nick has decided to take up running again - he was a fell runner back in the day. He got himself some new running shoes and set off early Saturday morning to try them out.  

Looked out of the bedroom window to see him bounding down the path through the wood at the back of the house.  All of a sudden he was joined by 3 deer.  They must have been spooked when he came running along.  For a short time they were all heading in the same direction and it was like something out of a film.  Amazing.

He's dead chuffed that I saw it as no-one would have believed him otherwise. What a nature boy.

Later on, when he was cleaning his bike in the back garden he heard a strange noise coming from the drainpipe that allows water to escape from the bay window.  At first he thought it might be rats so decided to investigate.  Moved a few things around and realised that the noise was coming from inside the pipe.

He then did what all real men do and dismantled the pipe to see what was in there.  A tiny little bird fell out of the pipe and landed in a ruffled heap on the floor.  After a moment, it chirped and flew up to the top of the fence, looked Nick in the eyes and tweeted meaningfully before flying away. Ahh....

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