Thursday, 16 February 2012

Little girls, little girls

Everywhere I turn I can see them...
As it is half term, and close to Big Girl's birthday we decided to invite some friends along to make cakes and pizza and have some fun.  We made macaroons (total disaster) and cakes which we decorated with coloured butter icing and sweeties.  Lots of fun.

Edible works of art!
Things got a little giggly after that so it was time to head out for a walk.  Oh the joys of having a cute doggy.  There is always an excuse to go outside to walk her and the cuteness is a real lure to visiting kids!!
Off to let off some steam
Much running about and messing on the play area ensued.
And another group shot on the recent sculpture.  The lightening represents where the old railway supplied coal to the former power station.  It's really cool.  We saw the sculptor at work on it last year.  It's done with a chainsaw.  Awesome.

Posing at the lightning sculpture
Then we walked the long way round via the reopened sweetie shop to (hopefully) wear them all out.

I was completely worn out by the end of the day but we did have a good time.  Bit giddy and giggly but overall pretty good.

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