Monday, 6 February 2012

Night cycling again

Nick recharged the batteries in my lights and I couldn't believe the difference!! They were miles brighter tonight.  Only one incident too.... got my shoelaces wrapped around my pedal and couldnt' take my foot off.  This meant that the only way to get off the bike was to fall off sideways. Ouch... the things we do to shift a few pounds eh!

The moon is almost full tonight and it was out and bright.  This made it a pleasure to cycle away from the streetlights as it was really light in the the moonlight.  Lovely.  Even the creepy woods at Grove Plantation seemed a lot more mellow tonight.

Went online and entered all my vital statistics on various sites and found I have a BMI of 29.9  EEEEEKKKK.  This makes me borderline OBESE.  I just can't believe it.  Tried on lots of different sites but the results were the same. I refuse to be obese. I really, truly, absolutely,  completely refuse to be obese. It's been almost a year smoke free so I can' t keep blaming that.  Time to face up to things.

Got to do something about this before I become entirely spherical.  Hence the cycling.  Doesn't help that I have a pretty sedentary job and a hearty appetite.  I need to control my portions and move around more.

It sounds sooooo simple doesn't it.  Problem is, it takes a quite while for any of that stuff to make a tangible difference and it's extremely difficult not to lose heart and go off and bake a lemon drizzle cake and eat the lot!!!

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