Sunday, 5 February 2012

Saturday Morning Stroll

Just the girls out for a Saturday morning stroll.  It was rather chilly so we all togged up warmly including Sally the dog.  She has a rather smart Burberry quilted jacket!
Sally looking rather smart
Sally tugging at the lead
We took a different footpath and came across this really fab tree.  It's been burned at some point but neither girl was willing to stand inside the hole for a photo.  Too scary!
Scary Tree
We joined up with the revamped railway line for a stroll back to the park.  There was a power walking competition to warm us up . Won by Big Girl who has the gait and style off to a tee.

Padiham Greenway - fabulous revamped railway
We found some wonderful iced over puddles for much manic stamping.  Very glasslike and satisfying to crunch up!
No longer pristine frozen puddle
Independence is a-calling so when we got to the park the girls dashed ahead to the sweetie shop.  It has been taken over recently after the owner got too old to run things any longer.  It is still a proper sweetie shop and everyone is chuffed to have it back again.  The girls went in to get their regular 20p mix.

Independent girls buying their own sweeties.

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