Sunday, 26 February 2012

Warning - Very Girly Content

If you have more than one child then you will be familiar with the fairness rule.... this means that if you do something for one child then something of equal value must be given/done for the other child(ren). If this rule is not observed then you are a dreadful parent who loves the other one more....sigh...

Big Girl has had her room redecorated, so Little Girl must have hers done too. God forbid the consequences of not doing it....

So here it is.  I must warn you that it is very girly.  Extremely, super, uber, mega, supremely girly.  Pink and girly.  You may need to adjust your screen.  Sunglasses might come in handy too.


OK here it comes.......
I told you it was girly, didn't I? Are you ready for another look?
You can go and have a lie down in a darkened room now if you need to.  Little Girl loves it though and that's all that matters really, isn't it.

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