Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rip it up and start again....

Oh dear.

Wallpapering of Big Girl's room commenced until there was a minor hiccough when excessive bubbling occurred.  Much swearing and umming and ahhhing went on.  A decision was made and down the majority of it came apart from one piece. It was started again.

Lessons learned about how this particular paper goes on and all is going much better.  Sadly, we have run out of the paper but were able to source a couple of extra rolls to finish off.  Hooray

It's loud and has a bit of a 60s/70s vibe going on but it's what the Big Girl wanted.
Loud and graphic wallpaper
Close up of paper
Love the colours - very bright and girly.  I am now in search of a heart in a granny square type motif to make a new blankie for the room.  Also got some ideas for cushions too.

Final touch and a requested birthday pressie for Big Girl.  She is 9 today.  I can't believe it. 9 years old. Where did all that time go?  And so very quickly too. Cue Abba singing "Slipping through my fingers" while us mothers blubber away....

Pink and Purple Astrobaby Lava Lamp
She should be back in her own room by the end of half term.

No party this year so we all trooped off to the cavalry for lunch.  This was a cute malapropism from some years back and it's stuck. It will always be the cavalry rather than the carvery for us.  Don't get so many of those hilarious mistakes these days.  Most recent one was when Little Girl asked if she could have a sushi knife.  Seemed such a strange request that when we asked her why she was most amazed that we didn't know what she meant.  She wanted an Swiss Army knife like her daddy has - because it has tweezers and scissors on it!!

Static attack!
They were giving out balloons at the cavalry so Big Girl decided to give Little girl a static makeover!

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