Sunday, 19 February 2012

Here Comes the Sun...

...and I say, it's all right

Sunshine over Padiham
Such a glorious sunny day.  Just had to nip out for a breath of fresh air and to soak up some of the lovely rays.  Set off with the girls, the dog and my camera with a goal in mind.  Get some more milk.  This means a leisurely amble down through the park, and onto the Greenway.  It is the long way round but almost entirely traffic free so well worth it.  The sky was a most brilliant shade of blue and the clouds were fluffy and few.
Down through the park...
....and along the Greenway
Padiham Greenway is just fabulous.  It used to be a railway track years ago and has recently been transformed into a well used cycle and walk way.  It' s great.  The picture at the top of this post was taken from the Greenway and is one of my favourite views of Padiham. 

We had a really nice time ambling along looking at all of the familiar landmarks on our way. The White Horse of Padiham has had a bit of a makeover lately.  The building was once a pub but is now a car parts store.  I just love the fact that they have embraced the landmark status of the horse and have given it a smart new coat of paint.  Not only that, they have also restored the lighting behind it so it glows at night again. Nice!
The famous White Horse of Padiham
Admired the turret at the top of the Nat West Bank on the main road. It's quite grand really.  Check out how blue the sky was today.  It was simply stunning.
Classical Features on the main street

Steep and quaint Mill Street
Took the quieter but steeper route home up Mill Street.  Lots of quaint cottages and cobbles.  Lovely and olde worlde. Also the beginning of the Conservation Area.  Lots of cobbles and Narnian looking lamp posts.  I love this part of town.  So quaint and higgledy piggledy. 
Sunshine and shadows on the cobbles
Vintage lamp post on the corner of Dragon Street
Buds.  Spring can't be far away now
Some colourful Crocus
The signs of Spring are about now.  It feels like it really won't be long before the warmer weather and longer days are here.  Lots of crocus in purple, yellow and white looking so cheery and optimisic. Daffodils will be here next and before you know it we'll be changing the clocks.  I just love the anticipation of late winter/early spring.  It never fails to fill me with excitement about the year to come.


Hawthorn said...

It's been aaaages since I was in Padiham, the White Horse was still a pub last time I saw it but in a terribly run down state. Must tell the husband as he grew up in this area and he'd be interested

Padiham Knitter said...

It's no longer a pub but the new occupiers decided to keep the horse and it's looking better than it has for years!!