Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dulce et decorum est...

Viewing platform at the Imperial War Museum
We decided, the girls and I, to visit a museum this half term.  After a bit of debate we decided on the Imperial War Museum North.  The main reason was the current exhibition called "Once Upon a Wartime".  It features some really well known children's books such as "War Horse", "Carries War" etc.  Really good.  Also includes the Silver Sword which is the book I got Little Girl's name from so it was a first for her to see her own name printed all over the place!

Then we checked out the main exhibitions.  Once an hour the whole of the main exhibit goes into darkness and there is a 360degree film show. There are a few different versions but the one we saw was all about children and war.  It was very moving at times and I was quite weepy by the time it was done.

It really was a thought provoking and interesting place to go to.  There's a time line to follow and the exhibits feature lots of more modern conflicts as well as the two world wars. Can't recommend it enough.
Part of a window from the World Trade Center
Also the whole Salford Quays area is fabulous. Lots of interesting ultra modern architecture to admire. I haven't really been here before and I was quite blown away by it.  It's really impressive and a fabulous renewal of what was really a bit of an industrial wasteland previously. Fantastic.

The Imperial War Museum North
The footbridge across the quay to the museum

The Lowry Centre
We also had a look around the gallery at the Lowry paintings which the girls really enjoyed.  Last time I saw them they were still in the original gallery at the Salford University site where I was working.  Still love them.  The simplicity and distinctiveness of them.  The industrial scenes and the Northern feel of them.  They are great.
Amazing modern architecture at Salford Quays

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