Friday, 30 November 2012

30 days

Of writing a post every day. I only missed one day (10th November if you are interested) but I think I can say that I did it!  It's been fun.  A bit like the 30 days of biking I did in April.  It's a challenge finding the time to write a post but somehow I have managed it. I wonder what else I could squeeze in if I really tried. We will just gloss over the huge pile of ironing, outstanding laundry and general untidiness around here shall we! Well.... something had to give now didn't it!

It's also the closing of Movember and there have been some interesting outbreaks of facial hair at work and around the place. I think it's a great idea and quite cool to see some fabulous moustaches around and about!

It's been a gloriously sunny and frosty couple of days. A welcome respite from all of the gloomy, rainy days we've had this month. I don' t mind scraping ice off the car and I love wrapping myself up in woolly cosiness - hats, gloves, socks, scarves, cowls - lovely.  My colleague jokingly suggested that I might have been wearing knitted knickers and was amazed when I replied that I did indeed have a pattern for such a garment. It's a vintage booklet called "Woolcraft" and features some knitted cami knickers and vest. I'll dig it out and post a picture over the weekend. I might just knit a pair for a laugh!

It was the official lighting of the lights in downtime Padiham this evening and as always, there was a spectacular fireworks display. It's quite a nice little event. The main road through is closed for a short time whilst Father Christmas arrives and sets up grotto in the Town Hall. There is a small fun fair, lots of stalls in the Town Hall and a countdown to the lights. A fun event.

It's beginning to feel a bit like christmas....

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