Thursday, 22 November 2012

Spoiled Rotten!

It's been hideously rainy today. Flood alerts are rising in number all the time. The roads are full of water and spray and it's never really got light all day. Not an altogether great start to the day really. I was anticipating another soaking due to lack of parking spots but was pleasantly surprised to find myself spoilt for choice with at least 3 decent spots up for grabs. I waltzed into work with a spring in my step almost completely dry. Much better than yesterday.

Had an averagely ok day at work and left early as we had stuff to do tonight. I also received a text message to let me know that a parcel was ready to be collected. Very exciting. It was a parcel I was very much looking forward to as it was coming from a fellow knitter as part of the UK Sock Knitters Secret Santa swap. It would definitely contain knitterly pleasure - of that I was certain.

My swap partner had used a courier service that delivers your parcel to a local shop so that you are able to pick it up at much more convenient times, such as evenings and weekends. I thought that was a great idea and will definitely consider it next time I send a parcel anywhere. You get notified by text when it's sent, when it arrives and when it is collected. Brill!

I rolled up at my local shop and asked for my parcel. It wasn't there. In fact, the man claimed that nothing at all had been delivered that day. I was disbelieving. I showed him the text. It was delivered at precisely 12.16 that day. Where was it? Was he sure it wasn't hidden from view somewhere? I was getting a bit cross and a bit upset and a bit stampy-foot-y about it all. Then I looked again and said that I was not impressed with this so called "Top Shop" one little bit.  He told me that I wasn't in the "Top Shop" at all. Oops. Silly me. I apologised profusely and left the shop with my tail between my legs. Off I went to the right shop where my parcel was indeed waiting for me. The system works brilliantly if you pay attention to the actual address and don't assume you "just know" which shop it is.

The lady in the "Top Shop" got out a box of photocopier paper. I looked at her blankly. Then I realised that this was my parcel. Blimey! I was expecting a shoebox or a jiffy bag. This was much bigger and quite heavy too.
My swap parcel - wow!
Once home I cleared the table and with the willing help of my two "assistants" got the lid off for a first peek.
First peek
Straight away it was apparent that there hadn't been a mix up and it wasn't photocopier paper, it was indeed beautifully wrapped goodies. And such a lot of goodies. Honestly, they just kept coming. It was all descending into chaos and little hands had to be swished away to prevent them from getting carried away and opening anything
Hands off!
What a haul of goodies. 
There are a few things for the girls in there too which they are really excited about opening but we have agreed to wait until December.  There are a couple of advent candles in there which the girls claim are Babylon Candles.  (Babylon candles crop up in the film Stardust which we all love and are used to teleport between distant locations).
Definitely "Babylon Candles"
I am pleased to tell you that I have been strong and not yet opened a thing. There has been a great deal of squidging and feeling of the little packages but I will try and hold out as long as possible to open them all. Ideally I should wait until Christmas Day although I think I might just be a bit too weak to manage that. I'll do my best.

While we were out and about we visited a few shops that were open late and my lovely husband bought me a new winter coat for my birthday. It's so toasty and cosy. Very chuffed. Then we went to have a look around the Range for a few bits and bobs and I got a new tablecloth. It's not cloth, it's actually PVC but looks like oilcloth. Very reasonable at £3.50 per metre.  I fell in love with this retro diner design. It certainly lights the place up and makes me smile every time I look at it.
Jolly new table cloth

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