Wednesday, 21 November 2012

In a bit of a mood

I don't know what it is.  Maybe it's the time of year, or the dark mornings and evenings, or the miserable weather, but the whole world just seems to be in a bit of a mood today.

Take this morning.  Had to get Big Girl to school early as her class were on a trip and the coach was setting off at 8.30.  All started well but soon descended into chaos.  Got to school on time and that bit was ok.  Had to hang around in the car for half an hour with Little Girl though as it was chucking it down with rain which was a bit boring but not enough to put me in a bad mood or anything.

However, on departing from school hit lots and lots and lots of traffic.  it just wasn't moving.  Earlier good mood began to erode.  It was unavoidable.  An accident on the motorway.  Nothing I could do about it.  I managed to talk myself into a stoical acceptance of the situation.  The traffic began to move again and all was beginning to improve.

I was running a little bit late so the prospect of a parking spot at work wasn't looking up to much. Began to get a bit grumpy in anticipation and I wasn't disappointed. There were no free spots. Not even the spot under the tree with the bird with loose bowels, or the "buddy" spots were left.  Drove round and round and round to no avail. There was no mistake, a free parking spot was just not to be found. Then, hallelujah, a figure walked up to a car and got in. It looked like there might be a spot after all. I shot round the car park again and hovered, hopefully, near the potential spot. All might be well after all. Then the woman put her coffee on her dashboard and proceeded to make a call on her mobile phone carefully managing not to make eye contact with me. I hung on for a bit.  She put the phone away.  This is it, she's definitely going. NO! She sat there sipping away on her damn coffee not looking at me. I had to admit defeat and drive away, only the torrential rain stopping me from getting out and pounding on her bonnet. In the end, had to park on another car park some distance away. Arrived at work half an hour later than I intended and rather soggy only to see that that bloody woman had since driven off to leave a gloriously empty space. Oh how I cursed her!

The day passed rather well despite all of this and I was in a much better mood on the way home. It turns out I am not alone. Himself had a grumpy demeanour and lots of grumblings about his day. I escaped to stitch and bitch where to find yet more grumpiness which almost turned into fisticuffs!

There must be something in the air today.


Daisie said...

Sorry you had a bad day, hope the loose bowelled bird gets her car (or even her head) later in the week!!

Where do you go for stitch and bitch?? I may just have to join you one night.....

Hope tomorrow is kinder to you x

Padiham Knitter said...

The loose bowelled bird hangs out in a rather small and unassuming looking sapling of a tree. It is a very unpopular parking spot, despite being quite near the staff door because of the absolutely ginormous amount of poo this bird can produce and splatter all over your car. It could well be record breaking!