Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Washing day

On my way to pick up the girls from Music Centre tonight I heard Accentuate the Positive on the radio.   Bit of a coincidence when I quoted from it in yesterday's post.  Tuesday is one of those hanging around waiting for stuff to finish/happen kind of days like Saturday, so I'm always glad of the radio while I am to-ing and fro-ing.  As a bit of a treat I am now sitting at the computer listening to the Jamie Cullum show.  The girls are back, changed into pjs and enjoying supper elsewhere in the house. A bit of a chill time.

When I finish this I shall get my headphones on and listen on the iPlayer while I do a bit of ironing.  Makes a dull job pass much more pleasantly and I look respectable at work to boot!   Blimey, don't I sound like a domestic goddess?  I'm not really, the ironing needs doing because I have nothing decent left to wear - it's always in the wash. On the laundry front, I accidentally washed a memory stick in the pocket of Nick's pants. Oops!  Happily, I am relieved to inform you that it still works.  Isn't technology marvellous!

Knitting update - weelllll my dears, I still haven't quite finished one or two things.  So nothing new then, I hear you cry, and you would be absolutely right.  I have got four main outstanding items and am hopeful of finishing and taking some pics at the weekend.  The cowl I just cast on is really fast as it is knitted in Wendy Pampas which is a super bulky yarn. I'm using 12mm needles which after finishing some socks feels like I'm knitting with a pair of oars!  It is super fast to do though and is almost done.  Got three simply gorgeous oval, wooden buttons to finish it off.  They cost more than the yarn but we'll just gloss over that factoid I think.  The little dress is almost finished and I got a cute pair of pink leggings to go with it (just in case it's too short, the leggings will be great if it's more tunic length!) and the boy sweater with the never-ending moss stitch is about 2 cm short of a finished collar.  Will just have the seams to complete and I'll be ready to send the off to their new homes.  Not sure about the cowl.  It was intended to be a christmas gift but I'm quite sure that the person I was going to give it to will almost certainly never wear it and it will be a total waste of fabulous (and expensive) buttons! Maybe I will just keep it for myself and give her some chocolates or something instead!

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