Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Afternoon

The weather today was a bit changeable and the ground is still really soggy and saturated from the super wet summer we had so a walk around our local greenway seemed like the best option for a stroll about. Off we set and Littlest girl brought along her iPod to take pics and make little videos. This meant fairly slow progress at times but what the hey, we had nothing to rush around for.
Setting off up the main road
After a quick blip up the main road you are out of the town and walking in the countryside. It's great and means that you don't have to go all that far just to get away from it all for a while. We carried on and turned off onto the Padiham Greenway. The old railway bridges have all had a new coat of paint recently and are looking very smart indeed. They were somewhat rusty and neglected before.
Heading towards the smartly painted bridge
We are coming to the end of autumn now and winter is starting to cool things down. There are still little pockets of glorious colour to be had. I especially love the reds that zing out at this time of year.
These red berries really lit up a dark little corner of dead and dying foliage
Love the drop of water just about to fall from this rose hip
Other than the odd bunch of berries, everything is looking decidedly bare and wintry along the greenway.
Winter is almost here
Leaves all gone now
Back up through the park. Passed lots of people walking their dogs and Sallydog had a good old grump at some of them. You know I am sure that she really doesn't think she is a dog so gets most offended when she is approached by any other dogs! What a little madam.

Lots of noise was coming from the cemetery that is right next to the park so we decided to investigate.  It was the Community Payback people. They were in the graveyard strimming, cutting back and gathering up fallen leaves.  Community payback is the new name for community service, so these workers were people who have committed a crime and have been sentenced to work on community projects as a way of paying back society for their crime. They are all wearing high-vis jackets with community payback emblazoned on the back. I spoke to the men that I passed and congratulated them on a job well done. I don't know if they were offenders or supervisors but they were genuinely doing a good job.  It is making a huge difference to a sadly neglected and unmaintained cemetery.
Community Payback van
My favourite picture of the day.  Looks like a ghost is tidying up!

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