Monday, 26 November 2012

And the band played on

It is that time of year. Lots of preparations are in place for a variety of concerts for the girls and we are practising like mad. After a bit of resistance, I have got the girls to practice their brass band music together. It's been a bit challenging at time as they are both still beginners and it's tricky to play completely different rhythms when there are only two of you. We need to work on counting I reckon.  But they are really coming on and it's fantastic to hear them playing together.
Rainbow recorders
Littlest girl is in the recorder group at school and brought home some music to practice for the Christmas concert. Oh how I used to love playing the recorder. I played all through school and played descant and treble recorders (as I only have "likkle" hands I could never get along with the tenor recorder too well) in a range of ensembles. Littlest girl had brought home some different parts for one of the pieces so we had great fun playing together.

I've really enjoyed helping the girls to rehearse all the instruments that they are learning and I am so proud of their progress.  Biggest girl is becoming a beautiful baritone player and blows brilliantly.  Littlest girl is fast catching her up on the trumpet and after only 11 weeks is making fantastic progress. Much of this is down to the fantastic opportunities offered by the Lancashire Music Service. So many opportunities to learn an instrument and play with others. I'm very impressed with them.
Trumpet valves
I'm also rather grateful to the internet at the moment and I really do wonder how we ever got along without it before. Littlest girl did some messing about and managed to completely cock up one of the valves on her trumpet. Technical help was not at hand since it was Sunday afternoon and himself had gone out running up and down hills in the area. I turned to the internet and after much effing and jeffing, had removed them all, oiled the relevant bits and put it all back together. Music could once again return. So if you have any problems with your trumpet valves, then I am your woman!

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