Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday Night

Well I've finished off my third Shoebox hat and have just cast on the fourth one.   It's a bit addictive.  I might get a couple more done before the weekend is over.  The fact that I can predict this to be the case surely indicates my typical weekend.

No partying or painting the town red for me these days.  I will be catching up with washing and ironing, doing a "big shop", hanging around for a largish portion of Saturday waiting for girls to take part in various activities and that's about it.  Him indoors is working this weekend so won't be able to nip out for a bike ride or anything either.  It's an indoors and chilling type of weekend I reckon.  Knitting will therefore slot nicely into all the waiting around and finishing off of chores.

Weather permitting, us girls will probably nip out for a walk around and about.  I may be able to get some nice photos if it doesn't rain too much.  Maybe we will nip to Clitheroe for a wander around the lovely shops and stop for a coffee ( for me - big creamy hot chocolate with all the trimmings for the girlies).  That sounds rather civilised to me.  I quite fancy a trawl around the charity shops - you can often get really decent things there.  There's also 2 wool shops, a fabric shop and the fabulous Exchange Coffee. I need to nip in to pick up some bits and bobs for a swap I'm taking part in.  I think there may also be a Food and Craft fair in the area this weekend too.

Tonight we have got a funny film lined up to watch and some beer so it's not all work and no play for us here and the weekend is looking like it's going to be a decent one.

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