Friday, 2 November 2012

On the needles

Just a quick update really

Decided to make a little sweater for a cute little boy in the family.  Got all inspired and decided to knit a cable and moss stitch affair for him.  Didn't really think this one through.  Moss stitch is the devil's own stitch pattern and takes years to knit!  Also has the really annoying effect of making me unable to count to 2.  Seriously.  It is also an unwritten law that mistakes in the pattern are only spotted immediately before you are about to joyously cast off, where upon much grumbling and pulling back ensues.
Back of sweater - if you spot any mistakes - I don't want to know!  It's too late now
Anyhow, I have completed one back and one front.  Just cursing and muttering my way through the sleeves which apart from 8 rows of ribbing at the cuff are entirely in moss stitch.  What was I thinking? At least it's only an age 4-5 size and not for a great big hulking chap.  I should be grateful for small mercies really.
So pretty but so time consuming to knit!

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