Sunday, 18 November 2012

Ta Da ~ Finished Objects

It's a rainbow kind of day today.  One moment we are having intense, glorious sunshine and then sudden downpours a minute later.  You are most definitely taking your life, and your knitting, in the hands of the weather if you are trying to take some pics!

Luckily, I did manage to avoid any misadventures with the precipitation, so here I present to you the fruits of my labours this week.

Sweetheart Dress by Tora Froseth
Little Sweetheart dress finally cast off and buttons attached.  It's super cute but I had to abandon adding more hearts to the hem as I kept cocking it up and having to rip back.  In the end I think that the plain garter stitch is just as pretty.

Boys sweater from "Cosy Haylofter Knits" by Sirdar
I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the little sweater.  Oh how I cursed all the moss stitch on the bodice and sleeves.  It just seemed to go on and on and on and on and on and on......
Lots and lots of Moss Stitch
...but, now that it's all finished and sewn up, I like it a lot.  Not sure I would knit another one though.  I would probably pick something a little plainer.  The cable and rib section was a doddle in comparison.

I also enjoyed the collar on this sweater.  It's picked up from the cast off edges and knitted in ribbing to be quite long.  It's then folded over and sewn down before picking up the horizontal edges for the buttons.  Looks great I think.

Finally the super quick, almost supersonic, Poodle scarves.  Poodle is a new scarf yarn from Stylecraft. One ball makes one scarf and there are only 3 stitches per row. Mega easy and really speedy.  Ideal for last minute gifts (or school Christmas fairs).  I've made 2 of them.
"Poodle" scarf - in pewter colourway
"Poodle" scarf - in lavender colourway
Still knitting mittens and socks but hope to finish them this week.

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