Saturday, 17 November 2012

Productive day

The school Christmas fair is fast approaching. Donations of items must be made and, even though it's not as if we don't know it's coming, each year I find myself knitting like a madwoman to get something together. Not this year though, oh no! I have got my act together, swalloweed my knitters pride and knocked up a couple of novelty yarn scarves. And, dear reader, I have to admit that I rather like them and am almost loathe to part with them. I think they will fly off the stalls. Colour themed stalls I might add. Black/white for Little Girl's class and purple/silver for Big Girl's class.  They are simply perfect.

Knitted in a funky loopy yarn by stylecraft called "Poodle". I knitted them both in about 2 hours. Great stuff and now I am feeling pretty organised, supermum-ish and smug about it. Just need to get some choccies for the chocolate tombola and I am done and dusted. If only my own Christmas preparations were anything like as organised. I have done absolutely nothing yet. Nothing! Ab-so-lute-ly NOTHING! Closes eyes, clenches fists and only a supreme effort is stopping me from running around the house foaming at the mouth and banging into walls with panic!

I feel the need for a calming image so here is something that does exactly that. Just in case you ever wondered what dollies get up to when you are not looking.....
Hidden camera footage reveals dollies taking five whilst everyone's back is turned!

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